Things Not To Do When You Miss A Train / Flight To Your Next Holiday Destination

Last year during his very first Himalayan expedition, Ankit Masrani missed the train to Delhi from Mumbai. The expedition was planned months in advanced and Ankit missing the train could have tossed their entire itinerary. The group he was traveling with had already reached mid-way to Delhi and now Ankit being left behind, they were almost forced to alter their activities. Ankit acted upon the situation by quickly booking a seat for himself in the next train and avoided further damage to the plan. But, while in the situation he went through a mental storm. Deciding what to do was not easy.

While he did the correct thing, here’s a list of things you should NOT do if you miss a train / flight.

Sulk / Panic

First thing first, get over the fact that you have missed the transport. It was not intentional. So do not waste your time sulking or lose your mental stability.

Return Home

Don’t even consider this as an option. You have spent weeks and months in planning the trip you are about to take, have dreamt of taking selfies at all the popular places on your journey for your instagram. You have bragged about this trip to you friends a thousand times to make them feel jealous. Imagine everything going down the drain just because you missed a train / flight.

Kick Anyone Out of Anger

People get angry when they don’t know how to handle a situation.  And anger is harmful for you and everyone around you. Violence breeds nothing except hefty hospital bills.

Rethink Your Plans

Find connecting transport. If nothing is available from the place where you are, look for options from nearby places.
If the next train / flight to your destination is after a couple of days, then definitely rethink your plan. 😛

Keep it to Yourself

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Informing your friends about such mishaps may result in positive outcomes. Take help from as many people possible, even if you are the shy types who keep everything to themselves. Help can arrive from any direction.

Being in such situations is tough and finding a way out is tougher. But you know what’s easy? Avoiding such crisis by making sure that you don’t miss your train or your flight.


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