The Mountains Are Calling

My friend, it’s been long, way too long in that concrete jungle and you know your heart desires for an escape.

Let the escape be sweet, and full of things we call free, let there be mountains and dramatic skies, let there be cold winds to ward the evil of monotony away, and ready to encapsulate us in a moment of ecstasy.

Let there be a road we’d like to walk till eternity, and let there be no sense of urgency.

Let there be a wish you always held in your soul, and then let us watch that wish come true, in a world full of happiness filling you up with glee.

My friend, let’s go somewhere, where there is no need to be, someone that we are not.

A place that lets our deepest of thoughts prosper. A place that doesn’t unnecessarily challenge us at every step, a place that whispers sweet nothings in our ears, and a place where we can just sit, and listen to sounds of the world.

My friend, it’s about time, we must go!

by Abhinav Chandel


Images by – Omkar Kulkarni

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