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Awe amongst us hit critical levels during Rotterdam approaches. Not explicitly for Rotterdam to be honest, but for Amsterdam too! It’s really sad when a choice between two awesome is to be made due to time constraints, but we all have a thing for the badass, don’t we? Amsterdam was at arm’s reach and we set out for it. The notorious city crafted with a liberal outlook is truly a marvelous piece of human colonization. While suppression precedes expression in many parts of planet, Amsterdam know not know a thing of the former.

Canals of Amsterdam

“Some think Amsterdam is a city of sin but it is a city of freedom. And in freedom most people find sin” – John Green

Starting from Vlaardingen oost was 50 mins of nature trail with train gushing through vast fields spreading even beyond the horizon. It took a while to get out of the station with each individual slowing down to swoon over their area of interest, ranging from architecture to burgers. In a nutshell the place was well-lit, well-managed with assistance all around. An excellent network of canals run through the city far and deep, freeing up the streets to a considerable amount. It’s these canals and tiny bridges with not much clearance, that give Amsterdam a photogenic appeal. After grabbing a map and exchanging currency, we took a break to check out what’s where.

Inside Wax Museum

Madame Tussauds wax museum houses a collection of all prominent leaders and celebs. This multi-storeyed attraction will keep you occupied for hours. The detailing of each wax figure is simply marvelous.

Heineken experience was 30 minutes away on foot and was something the entire group was looking forward to. Walking through the process of beer manufacturing, really informative it was and I learnt “Barley is only for color!!”

I nudge my buddy next to me and asked “you knew that”?

He said “Never bothered the ingredients”

Heineken experience

The place is not only walking down the History of Heineken but stuffed with exciting games. I wish all the History class and lectures were this interesting. Towards the end you can relax over a pint of beer and carry home memory of a lifetime.

Crowd friendly pubs, Sex museums, Torture museum, Cannabis chocolate bars!! Its unlimited fun and you cannot let go this ‘Amsterdam-addiction’ for weeks.

Sreejith Nair – Ships Wake


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