Himalayan Eco-campus For Compassionate and Sustainable Living

It was a sunny winter morning. Sitting at the porch of cozy café in Chougan (Bir, Himachal Pradesh), sipping their trademark lemonade, I was watching paragliders land. A fellow traveler whom I had met just 2 days prior to this day was deeply engrossed in reading a book. She had undertaken a challenge to finish 52 books in 52 weeks and she was just trying to finish that. We had nothing planned for the rest of the day. It was a perfect opportunity for me to wander around. Google maps helped me find put places that were nearby and out of everything that was around; I decided to climb all the way up to mountain to learn more about an architectural marvel (that’s what architects think it is) called Dharmalaya. Upon reaching there a young girl (an intern over there) welcomed me inside and gave a tour of the place. Initially what i thought would be a small cozy ecofriendly house with a bunch of people gardening and farming turned out to be a huge institution known by people from all around the world.


Meditation Room
Dining Area

View from meditation room
First floor corridor
A small reading corner in the meditation room

Dharmalaya is an institute devoted to educate people about compassionate living, preservation and recycling natural resources, promote eco-tourism, and conduct research on sustainable village development. The entire building is made from natural, biodegradable materials and stands two storeys tall. The architecture is a mix of traditional and contemporary practices.

Hundreds of curious and compassionate citizens from all over the world travel to Dharmalaya to explore the architecture and study numerous programs that they offer. The faculty, interns and volunteers stay in the facility, cook their own, strictly Vegan, food (which is grown in their backyard) and take care of all the necessities together.

Keeping it short I recommend you to visit their website http://dharmalaya.in and know everything about the institution.


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