Stray dogs in India

On one quiet and peaceful evening, i was watching the sun set from the Palolem beach in South Goa. I had a young girl from England and guy from Germany for company. While we three were being mesmerized by the view ahead, We see a big dog running in our direction, he stops a few meters ahead from us, lowers the back side of his huge body and takes a dump. Right in front of us. Now I, being an Indian, am used to such conditions but the foreigners sitting next to me were stunned. While the British girl expressed her disappointment, the German guy chose to remain silent. A few minutes later he turned to me and asked “Why are there so many dogs in India?” I replied with a blank stare. As the day progressed, i observed that there were actually more dogs on the beach than humans.

Now this is something i had never given enough thought to. Why would I? I have had stray dogs around me since the time i was born. So it was completely normal for me. But he, being a German, was surprised by so many dogs roaming around freely on the beach and taking a dumb where ever they want.

But ever since then i just can’t stop thinking about why exactly do we have so many dogs in India?

Do comment if you have the answer.



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