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Mumbai to Toronto via Delhi

Life Abroad!

Around 20 months ago I thought of relocating to Canada for a better lifestyle. A year ago, my visa application got approved and 4 months ago I moved to this massive country, up in the north, thousands of miles away from my home – with hopes, aspirations and dreams.

I chose to come to Toronto because apparently 50% of the population here are immigrants and job opportunities are abundant as compared to other cities in Canada. However, before I could reap all the benefits of this city, there were so challenges that I had to overcome – especially because I moved on the onset of winter. Not 1, not 2 but hundreds of them. But I don’t want to sit and write about all the difficult times I have been through here. Everyday is a new challenge and that’s how its going to be (at least for 1 year is what other people have told me). However, it may be, Toronto is my new home and I must take it as it is.


Life here is teaching me a lot. On personal as well as professional fronts. From initiating a conversation with strangers, making new friends,to attending events just to network with industry professionals, I am doing things which I had / would have never done back home. A part of me, which I didn’t even know existed, is slowly coming to life. Back home, I had family and friends to help me deal with certain situations. Suddenly, here I have to take all the decisions on my own. Decisions pertaining to health, finance, relations, profession, security – aargh the list goes on. Every small decision is shaping my future here.

CN Tower

I am yet to develop a proper relationship with this city. Sometimes I love Toronto, and on some days, I just want to run away to all the comfort, safety and love i enjoyed back home. But as people here say – don’t worry, at the end it’ll be worth it and I am sure it’ll be worth it. This will be one of the best decisions of my life. But until then, all i need is some courage, patience, faith, your love and internet.

See you next time!

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