First Winter in Toronto

“You are so brave to come here during Winter”

“Last year it was harsh and this year apparently its going to be brutal”

“I hope you have purchased all the necessary items to cope the snow”

“Using public transport in winter becomes extremely difficult. Especially when you have to wait outside in cold, shivering, for the bus to arrive”

“Bad choice. You should have come in spring or summer”

These statements by locals were my real first introduction to Canadian winters. Well, before moving here, of course I knew that it’s a cold region and I’ll be living in extreme cold conditions. So, mentally, I was very well prepared to face the conditions. But, physically, I knew it will be tough. To cope with it I made necessary purchases like a good winter jacket, gloves, thermal socks and caps. I didn’t purchase shoes as I was confident about the ones I carried from India. And now I was ready to face temperatures up to -20

The first heavy snowfall occurred at the end of November, which apparently was way too early than previous years. It was the beginning of the horror that was approaching. #WinterHasArrived started trending on social media. I started relating to all the statements people had made. The meteorological department started issuing warnings and snowstorms were in forecast. I was engulfed in fear as I was in the process of starting a new life here. A number of legal formalities were still pending and I was undergoing various workshops to prepare myself for the job market. The holiday season was about to begin and I wanted to make the most of it. With these warning, I believed that I won’t be able to step out of my dull basement and enjoy the festivities. But at end, its nature and no one has control over it.

Here’s the twist. Weeks passed and there was no sign of all the heavy snowstorms the met had predicted. We didn’t have a white Christmas and I didn’t lock myself up in my bedroom. On the days when it did snow, it wasn’t that harsh as it was described. Everyone took all the necessary precautions. Yes, there were a few road accidents, delays in TTC, people were also stranded for a day, temperatures did drop to -20 at nights, cold winds made it impossible to walk on roads. But hey, that’s what a normal winter here looks like. All this is common and everyone was expecting something harsh than this. But luckily for me, winter this time was milder than the last year. Sometimes, it did become extremely dull and depressing and that was the only difficult thing to survive. Otherwise, winter this year was extremely bearable.

I made a short video on the topic – Snowfall in Toronto. Click on this link to watch it.

The sky is slowly starting to clear and it seems spring might arrive early. Finally, I am able to step out and nearby attractions. Eagerly waiting for summer as, I have heard, the city comes alive during this period. Activities, events and parties are held throughout the city almost everyday. With so much hype around it, I hope it doesn’t disappoint eh.


Thanks for reading. See you next time.


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