I grew up in India.

Ummm… or should I say I grew up in a land that’s the worlds largest producer, consumer and exporter of spices, popularly known as the land of curry, the place that gave the entire world its favorite Chicken preparation – Butter Chicken,  where a single food item is cooked in 100 different delicious styles and I cant describe it more because the minute I start thinking about Indian food I start drooling.

I can’t proclaim myself as a foodie per se as food for me is just a basic need and I can survive on bare minimum. But yes, after moving 1000s of miles away from my country, the one thing that I majorly miss about India is the lip-smacking, utterly butterly delicious food. And as the case is in every other ethnically diverse city, there are plenty of restaurants in Toronto and GTA as well that specialize in Indian cuisine. One fine evening when I was craving some Masala Dosas with sambar and coconut chutney, I cancelled all my other plans and went to a popular restaurant called Udupi Palace on Gerard Street, which is the near to where I am staying. Udupi Palace is popular for the variety of South Indian delicacies they serve (they also have food items from other parts of India, I don’t know why). I had heard only positive reviews about the place and was extremely excited for my visit. And the place didn’t fail to impress me.

Udupi Palace
The facade is quite large and can be easily spotted from far. The neighboring shops are smaller in size compared to Udupi Palace which makes it stand out.

Right from the time I entered Udupi Palace (it’s pretty big and spacious) I literally felt like I have come to an (almost) authentic South Indian place. The ambiance was okay. There’s a lot of room for improvement though in terms of décor. They have an extensive menu and with so many options to choose from, one might feel overwhelmed. But if you are someone like me who goes prepared, you’ll save a lot of time. As mentioned earlier I was craving Masala Dosa so I ordered a Mysore Masala Dosa.

Udupi Palace interior
The interiors reminded me of a typical South Indian restaurant in India. Simple dining arrangement with minimal design and wallpapers. Since i went on a weekday, the place was considerably empty. But it is usually jam packed on the weekends.
Udupi Palace - interiors
Large paintings representing the culture from southern India grab attention.

While the environment was ok the food didn’t let me down. In-fact, it surpassed my expectations and I felt content after the first bite itself. I am sure you have experienced the joy a person feels after their wish is fulfilled, no matter how small it is. Yes, that’s what I felt. Maybe it was because I was eating a Dosa after like 5-6 months. It used to be a regular back home. The chutney and sambar were equally delicious and all the portions were standard. I am no food blogger so I can’t describe in detail about how comforting and satisfying the food was. #FoodComa

The Mysore Masala Dosa that i ordered was perfect. Crispy, tasty and spicy. Doesn’t it look delicious? The sambar lacked veggies though.
This Onion Uttapam was a delight. The quantity was generous and the grated assorted veggies added extra flavor and texture.
Medu Vada was a clearly a disappointment.

Another great thing was that they have an extensive menu so I am definitely going to visit Udupi Palace again to try other food items.

Paper Dosa
Plain Paper Dosa never disappoints.

Tell me in comments if you have had a similar or maybe a better or more interesting culinary experience.

Thanks for reading. See you next time.

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  1. Very well written Adi😘
    The hotel looks fancy. Glad u fulfilled your cravings….
    The food looks super yummy 😋

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