Hello Spring!

Today, in the morning, while sipping my favorite masala chai, I gently peeped outside my basement window to check what our squirrels were up to. Gathering food, climbing trees, saving their lives from a monstrous cat was their daily routine and today was no different. Just like every other day the cat couldn’t catch the squirrels today as well and she slowly started walking away in disappointment. My eyes followed her. She went behind the storage shed and jumped over the fence into our neighbor’s backyard (I have no idea whose cat it is but she visits us almost every day). The morning show was over. Before I could get back to my usual stuff, something near the shed caught my attention. A bunch of fresh yellow flowers. After months of seeing the ground just covered in snow and dead grass, there was finally some life blooming in our backyard. Spring has arrived.

Spring is my favouritestestestestest season. It is the season to be outdoors. The temperature is mild, perfect. Everything is transitioning into something beautiful. Nature comes back to life, animals end their hibernation and step out from their homes, it’s a new beginning for everything. After surviving the depressing winter season, I was looking forward to enjoying my first spring in Toronto. But, unfortunately Covid-19 destroyed all our plans and here I was sitting on my bed, restless, wondering if I should visit the nearest park to witness the miracle and the beauty of cherry blossoms. I thought about it for the whole day and finally at the peak of dusk I gave into my temptation and visited Rosetta McLaren Gardens which is near to my house. Though only a few plants and trees have started blooming, I was still enthralled by what i saw.

Tulips. <3
A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be.
Seems like they are ready to party.
you know what else blooms along with flowers? Hope.
Live the life of your dreams.

Hope things all around the world ease down soon we resume our normal life.

Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.

Thanks for reading. See you next time.

P.S – All the pictures are taken in my iPhone and belong to me.

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