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Crossing Counties for the First Time in Ontario

Covid19 is travelling the world for free on a one-way ticket. It is that one relative who visits our homes uninformed and then just refuses to leave. The entire world is shaken and countries are still figuring out a way to overcome this pandemic. I feel fortunate to be in a nation that was not drastically affected by it; considering what our neighbour is going through. We did face the consequences but after 3 months of quarantine, Toronto entered the reopening stage and we slowly resumed our pre-pandemic lives. People were desperate to step out of their homes to soak in the summer sun, and by the end of June public places were finally declared open; with some restrictions. It felt as if we were free again.

I and my housemates were trying to plan a weekend trip for quite some time now. With so many places to choose from, it was so difficult for us to conclude. One night over dinner, I googled ‘best weekend getaways near Toronto’ and boom, a few hours later our itinerary was ready. The following weekend, I finally stepped out of Toronto and crossed counties.

Fast forward to our trip…
We traveled around 160 km north of Toronto to Midland. The activities we had planned to do were in and around Collingwood but we choose to stay in Midland just because the motel was close to a lake. We had planned this trip around the outdoor activities that we wanted to take part in. This place offered some really good nature trails and water sports. Our basic plan was to – Leave from Toronto – do the Nottawasaga trail – reach Midland, check-into the hotel, explore the little town, rest – next day morning check-out from the place, go river kayaking and then return home. As simple as that.

On our way to Nottawasaga, I experienced the beauty of Canada’s countryside. Driving through vast farmlands, big cottages, cozy tiny homes, I felt as if I am travelling through a painting, and I am not exaggerating. We reached the Nottawasaga trail mid-afternoon and, fortunately, there was hardly anyone except us. We hiked for 2 hours to reach the viewpoint. The views served after the hike was again no less than a painting. I’ll take you through the trail in a separate blog. To my surprise, I didn’t feel tired after the hike. It was 6.00 in the evening and we were all just hungry. So, what do people do when they are hungry? Eat. But we didn’t. We went to Midland, checked-in to our hotel, roamed around the place and then ate, ate, and ate.

There are people who are not able to sleep at night because they have something exciting planned for the next day. I am not one of them. After a good night’s sleep, I woke up fresh and all pumped up to go kayaking. This was my first and of course, I was super excited to try it. We booked this experience online through free spirit tours and had selected a time slot. Again, I’ll share my experience in a separate article. All I can say is I think I have found a new summer hobby.

The long Nottawasaga hike left our legs to soar and the river kayaking was an upper-body workout for us. This was the best weekend I have had after moving to this country. Post the fulfilling Kayaking experience, we left the place, had lunch and returned to Toronto. The first thing I did after reaching home was to make a steamy cup of masala chai. ☕️

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