nottawasaga bluffs lookout point

The Nottawasaga Trail

We were looking for some hiking spots online near Collingwood, Ontario and the Nottawasaga Trail was the closest to where we were staying. When I heard the word Nottawasaga, the first thing that came to my mind was a scary dark land filled with big burnt trees and inhabited by small dead creatures. It might sound over the top but yes, my imaginations are quite wild. But I couldn’t help it because it is a SCARY name. Add the word trail to it and it sounds like a passage to hell. The pictures on the internet were opposite though. According to the website, this was one of the easiest trails in the area and since I and my friends were all beginners, we decided to try it out. 🏕

Reaching the location wasn’t an issue as we had our vehicle 🚗. I was quite surprised by how neat and well-maintained the place was. The parking was not free but there were clear instructions about how to make the payment. At the entrance, a huge map of the Nottawasaga Trail welcomed us. It was easy to read and gave us time to figure out what we want to do and where we want to go. The length of the entire trail is 10 km but our focus was to cover only the important locations. We started on the main trail and chose our routes as we went deeper. 🧭

The Nottawasaga Trail is extremely easy and fun and here’s why I fell in love with it.

Less Crowd

As it is remote and far from the main city. Not many people choose to drive so far just for a simple walk in the woods. Plus, there are no camping spots which again reduces the number of visitors. So, if you want to enjoy some peaceful time amidst nature with your family or friends, this is the place for you. ⛺️

Variety of landscapes

As we started, we walked through a dense forest 🌳🌲🌿 and just a few miles away was a barren land with dry flora🍂. Further down, we crossed big boulders and naturally formed deep caves. It was surprising and quite exciting at the same time. The temperature suddenly went from warm to cool once we were inside the caves. The final lookout point is a huge rock that overlooks a dense forest and farmlands. There’s a small stream flowing through the area and the sound of water makes the whole experience more exciting.

The final view

All the hikes eventually lead to an unforgettable view. We got lost in the middle and kept walking in circles till one of us thought of taking a detour. The result of it was this spectacular view which was the main reason we decided to do this trail. This may not be the prettiest of all the views but right there at that time, I felt like this is what I have been living for. 😍


Might sound crazy, but even though we were deep in the woods we had a good cellular network. After crossing the caves, one of us went in the opposite direction and got lost. Luckily, we were able to call him and direct him back to where we were. 📱

We started at 2.30 pm and at around 5.30 pm we were back in the parking space. Hungry, but not tired.


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