The World is Dying

For centuries humans have taken the planet for granted and now we are praying the price for it. At the beginning of Covid 19, when everyone was forced to stay at home, we saw some portions of the world slowly coming back to life. But alas, that happiness was short-lived. Almost every month, a different country is being hit by a disaster, and some of them have never even occurred before – the latest one being the California wildfire which was started due to a GENDER REVEAL PARTY and amplified because of climate change. Can you even imagine? 🤦🏻‍♂️ A stupid party being a cause of a massive fire that has already destroyed acres of forestland and has worsened the air quality of the western coast. What type of world you are leaving behind for that child? 🔥

Just to remind everyone how fucked we are, here’s a list of global disasters that have occurred so far in 2020

The Australian Bushfire

Forest Fires in Uttarakhand, India

Floods in Assam, Dubai, Indonesia, Afghanistan

Earthquakes In Turkey, The Caribbean, China, Iran, Russia, Philippines & India

Locust Swarms In East Africa & Parts Of India & Asia

Cyclone Amphan In India & Bangladesh

Volcano Eruptions in The Philippines

Glaciers Turning Brown and Green

Severe Tornadoes and Storms in Northern America

Typhoon in Japan and South Korea

We must realize how dire the situation has become for ALL of us and we must carry out active steps to battle climate change.

🟢 Some immediate actions include:Use energy wisely

🟢 Use less waste (such as straws, plastic bags)

🟢 Take action to save forests (such as planting new trees, use less paper)

🟢 Reduce emissions (such as walk and cycle more instead of driving your car)

It is about time that we too should be a little more concerned about what’s happening around us.

Tick tick tick, the doomsday clock is ticking.

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