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Bucket List 2021

2020 was a bummer!  With the vaccine for Covid_19 around, let’s hope 2021 will be a little better. Travel is still restricted here in Canada, so I am keeping my bucket list limited to places close to where I stay and are easy to travel to. Here’s what I wish to explore in 2021.

Niagara Falls

Can you believe I haven’t been to Niagara Falls yet? I have heard people say that the first thing they did after coming to Canada is visiting the falls. I was like, seriously? Who does that?

Honestly, I am not much attracted to that place, but apparently, Niagara Falls is a mood booster and a MUST visit.

It is a delight. I am sure I am going to enjoy that place, but at this point, I feel more pressured and less willing to go there. I hope I take this off the list pretty soon.




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I have only heard good things about Montreal and how magical the city is. From what I have heard, I am ready to pack my bags and move there.

Montreal is famous as a French infused city in love with festivals, the arts, good food, living well, and enjoying life to the hilt.

The entire province of Quebec excites me, but my zero knowledge of French keeps me from planning a trip there. Montreal is the best, to begin with.




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A trendy summer destination, Tobermory, is a beautiful lakeside town surrounded by crystal clear water. I had plans to visit the place last summer, but they changed last minute.

A one or two-day visit definitely won’t do justice for all the big and small adventures the area offers

A well-planned trip seems like the smartest thing to do, which I hope happens this summer.


Other attractions in Ontario

There are numerous other attractions in Ontario on my list as well. After my visit to Nottawasaga and Algonquin last summer, I am thrilled to see more of Ontario. Though they are not on priority, these places are equally stunning.

The capital city Ottawa, provincial and national parks, thousand islands, blue mountains, Ouimet Canyon, some fantastic waterfalls, etc., are worth visiting.

Ontario has so much to offer, and I hope I will experience its beauty in 2021.

Where are you travelling to in 2021?

Thank you

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