Nut on the road in Toronto. Hilton hotel in the background

Snow Day in Toronto

Winter this year has been milder than the last few years. I won’t be wrong if I say that there was hardly any snowfall this year. But I prefer it like this – a mix of sun and snow.

Last week, Toronto witnessed heavy snowfall. I went for a walk around my neighbourhood to witness how the city transforms into a wonderland. I can’t explain how magical the experience was.

Nutontheroad Toronto Street

Tall glass buildings surround me as I live in downtown Toronto.
I started from Dundas St West X Spadina Intersection – Queen St West – Nathan Phillips Square – Yongue and Dundas Square and back to Spadina.

Nut on the road in Toronto. Hilton hotel in the background

The streets were empty as the city is in lockdown, and everyone’s working from home.

The Skating rink at Nathan Phillips Square, a popular tourist attraction and a local hangout spot, was open, and some daredevils were spotted enjoying the sport.

nut on the road at Nathan Phillips Square. Toronto sign
I have been to Nathan Phillips Square multiple times before but never took a picture of myself with the famous Toronto sign. This one is my first.

The cafe opposite the rink played loud uplifting music, which made me groove. I haven’t been to a party, a disco or any other outdoor gathering for months now, and the music here made me want to set myself loose.

Nathan Phillips Square Toronto buried under snow.
Nathan Phillips Square was buried under a thick layer of snow.

I love walking on fresh snow. It’s so soft. Isn’t it satisfying to leave your footprints in fresh thick layers of snow? No matter how old I get, I am always going to enjoy doing this.

Toronto skyline
From sand in my shows to snow in my pockets



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Warm weather is returning to Toronto, and it seems like spring is around the corner. We might not get another snowfall as good as this one, and I am glad I made the most of this one.


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