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Best Music for YouTube Videos

If you are a video content creator, I am sure you know how difficult and time consuming choosing the right background track for videos could be. Beautiful composition, gorgeous cinematography, a good story, these are all nothing if the audio is low quality and made even worse by the wrong choice in music.

When I started creating videos for my Youtube channel, I spent hours browsing through music libraries, youtube studio, copyright-free music websites to find a 3-minute long piece for my video. Even though I had found the right music at the end of it, I felt tired and frustrated.  You might have gone through it as well. 

A few months ago, I came across a platform that completely changed my life.

Musicbed is a full-service licensing platform that provides a highly curated selection of songs for YouTubers/Creators. It is built for Filmmakers. I signed up using a referral link and got my first month of music free. You can either purchase monthly subscriptions or individual song licences. 

I have been getting a good response from my viewers for my choice of music.

Here’s why I highly recommend Musicbed to other content creators.

Saves Time

Using Musicbed has saved me hours of editing time. I have spent days looking for the fitting soundtrack before. The website has all the music arranged in playlists. You can pick the playlist that suits your video and browse through songs. I usually check out what’s new and pick my music from there.

Follow Playlists of Other Creators

The Yes Theory is one of my favourite channels on YouTube. I love their taste in music. While browsing through the site, I came across their playlist, and guess what? Now I can use the songs used by my favourite creators in my videos. You can follow multiple playlists of content creators who use MusicBed to source their music. 

Best Quality Always

The songs available on the site are professional quality original compositions of indie artists. So, there’s no doubt that they are of the best quality. You don’t have to worry about copyright claims as the website gives you the licence to use it. 

Customer Service

I was a little confused regarding some claims and features when I started using the platform. Luckily, they have an excellent customer service team that’s approachable and ready to help. ngl, I wouldn’t have continued to use the site if their customer service was dead. 

So now you know where to get top-quality music for your videos from. Sign-up to Musicbed using this link and get the first month FREE!!!


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